Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

Waterfront Thrift Stores and the Mission’s Recycling & Distribution Center are great places to volunteer.  Our retail ministry is responsible for earning nearly 35% of the Mission’s annual operating budget. Volunteers help make it all possible!  For more information about volunteering at the Mission, please contact Debbie Farish at (850) 478-4027 or email her at


Volunteer Opportunities at Thrift Stores and Recycling & Distribution Center

  • Merchandising:  Straighten, Sizing, Displaying
  • Customer Service:  Bagging, Fitting Room Attendant, Customer Greeter, Donation Drop-Off Greeter
  • Production:  Sorting Donations, Dock Attendant, Recycling Specialist
  • Maintenance:  Sweeping, Mopping, Dusting, Vacuuming, Restrooms, Parking Lot, Landscaping
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