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Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

Waterfront Thrift Stores, in partnership with On The Way Appliance Repair, are pleased to offer 30 Day Warranties on select Major Appliances including:  Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Stoves and Microwave Ovens. All warranted items are clearly marked on our selling floors with “30 Day Warranty” signs.

On The Way Appliance Repair provides comprehensive inspections on every Major Appliance featured at Waterfront Thrift Stores. The units we stock (offering warranties) are tested for safety, reliability and repaired on-site as needed to provide our customers with the best quality gently-used appliances possible!



While the Mission welcomes appliance donations in every condition – some units are simply beyond reasonable repair. However, we stand by our commitment to “Let Nothing Go To Waste.”  Appliance donations failing to meet the Mission’s high standards for resale are still put to use providing rescue and recovery services for the Gulf Coast’s chronic homeless and addicted through our extensive recycling program.

Do you have a non-working washers, dryers or other major appliances?  Don’t throw the away. Donate them to the Waterfront Rescue Mission!  If an item cannot be reasonably repaired and resold – we’ll recycle the metals, wires and motors to provide food, shelter, clothing, individual counseling and career developments services “free of charge” to those enrolled in the Mission’s residential programs.

Schedule a tax-deductible pickup of your working and non-working appliances online at or by calling your local store. Donations may also be dropped off from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Saturday at any of our 8 locations. Small donations are accepted until 7:00 pm.


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