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Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

We are very grateful for your support of the Waterfront Rescue Mission.  Your generosity and patronage of our stores helps us to provide food, shelter, clothing, spiritual counseling and life-skills to thousands of our homeless Gulf Coast neighbors each year – “free of charge” for those seeking rescue and recovery services at the Mission.

As a consumer, your generous donations of all kinds help us “green up” our communities and the world. Thanks to your support of the Mission’s recycling initiatives, we are learning to meet our goal of “letting nothing go to waste.”  Every donation has value even if it doesn’t sell in our stores.  Items that do not sell or that don’t meet our quality standards are promptly broken down into their recyclable components such as textiles, pulp paper, cardboard and metals.  Other items are sold around the globe as wholesale products which, not only benefits the Mission and the environment but, also provides a source of sustenance for people living in the developing world.

Whatever role you play – whether enthusiastic shopper, a generous donor, an invaluable volunteer or an avid recycler – we truly value your partnership with the Mission.

Our goal is to always provide exceptional service, consistent value, and to ensure that you enjoyed your shopping experience. Our team takes pride in providing meticulously chosen, quality merchandise, priced at the very best guaranteed value. We promise to provide bright, clean and attractive stores and that you’ll find a great deal every time you shop.

Again, thank you for your patronage and your generous donations to our organization. Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing in providing quality services to you and our community.


The Management and Staff of the Waterfront Rescue Mission Thrift Stores